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The story chapter one: The beginning.

At once there was the sea, a swirling mass of the deceased without any form and void of memory. The souls of the air are fished out of the sea causing a great storm felt throughout the water down to the earth below.

The flock culminate at the apex above the sea and circle outwards expanding the influence creating changes in the sea. Separating the souls within the land and souls upon the land from the souls of the sea they are placed within the centre of the turmoil.

Creating pressure as the deep water is compacted with the earth below forces the souls within the land to become alive and shape the world. Everything that exists inside the land; gold, gems, rock stone has a soul, can reason and understand.

The movement of the world stirs everything awakening the first born starting with the one who has yet no name.

Standing on the very top of the world he is noticed and ultimately catches the attention of everyone. He points upward to the heavens and everyone looks up, 'there is no escape' he says. He directs his hand downward and says 'this where you end up', adding 'where you are now'.

Finally he holds his arm outwards towards the horizon and says 'This is us, life is futile, death is inevitable', something that even he alone will have to accept at the end [see chapter 7].

The world takes a while to stabilise as the souls of the world start to breath and find their form. The strongest - whom have paid the most heaven insurance contributions [HIC] and hence receive the greatest dividends - are the first to awaken starting with the one who will oppose the one who has yet to be named.

Monday is all about Magic and the struggle between good and bad. There will be no story, nothing that can be remembered just a simple exercise of survival and common sense. There are no puzzles, mazes or labyrinths, challenges or games. It is you, the players that become Monday after all it is Monday that is what is considered to be the hated day of all, back to school, back to work as in no more back to anything.

The one who has no name and could be considered 'U' takes a trek around the world. The paths he takes and the steps he makes become shorter as he learns the lay of the land. He occupies his mind with darkness believing in invisibility and immortality.

A reclusive, inevitably he breaks away from everyone. He contorts his body with potions, he adopts seven forms each with a maligned and malignant character and desires notoriety.

So... In fact the relevance of immortality does not count because when you sign up for your heaven insurance it is whatever you have already banked through all of your tribulations since the dawn of time that reflect on the advantages that you reap.

Your contributions have to be paid in one point in the story [see chapter 7]. Though not necessarily in the form of cash. Payment is in the form of forget-me pills that make you forget everything and everyone - something you will probably not be so willing to do. This is so that the first chapter in the story can start.

Each chapter in the story is about different evolutions. Each evolution is unique, involves everyone and leads everywhere. The seven evolutions are designed so that they unravel to the point where every possible route is taken, every solution to every problem solved until the chapter plays itself out. Just in time for the world/universe to rest and change/adapt to the next chapter.

The story itself is designed to work this way, a beginning and an end that leaves off in time for the next beginning much like the nature of a recurring decimal fraction, the longest possible sequence of values that can describe and illustrate everything indefinitely.

No one will be any the wiser because after - say - any three chapters nothing would be remembered because there would be far too much that has passed to remember. The bits in the story that are forgotten are simply recalled later at the relevant point.

By the time the story revolves absolutely nothing would be known, remembered and especially after chapter 7 no one will even know who they are, what they have done, where they have been and were known. The mind of the world after chapter 7 will be refreshed. So the idea of remembering far back isn't necessarily the point. In fact the stronger the recollections of the past the more unwilling you will be to forget, but forget you will.

Nevertheless at this point in chapter one thoughts about immortality are prevalent, as if there is no more an important goal in life than to live forever - or need. Is there guilt felt within already emerging or maybe not. The aim of the story is to provide a purpose not hindrance that works in a fair way. Needless to say, the only type of universe that can survive can only be the same type, but more importantly it has to be unfair.

Time is not infinite though it can be indefinite. Space is infinite and we simply fill a minuscule part of it. Our space has no connection to any other universe other than the fact that we are simply the same type because there can only be a single type of universe. Even time has no connection to other instances of us, there again it shouldn't matter.

To us space does not matter, we have what space we need to exist and it is finite. Time does matter though, it is finite so the only way that we can make our universe function is making time meet up where it left off. The point being where the story picks up nothing is known or remembered. Otherwise the universe would plunge into premature insanity, which would not be a pretty picture to see - for everyone.

Thoughts are words and hence are lies. They are sourced from the bible, the source of lies. The simple but influential lie simply starts with the statement 'in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God'. A simple way of telling one if you don't do what God tells you he will spell you to death.

Jest aside, the point being the complicated process of a spoken language involves ageing because of the physical effort and time taken. In retrospect parallel communication which probably does not even involve anything that is physical between two or maybe more sentient living entity's means the flow of the conversation will not impact on each component.

The time it takes for any process that relies on thoughts and words means you gain in age. So the only lesson to learn is not to talk at all. Ultimately a form of knowing will evolve being music and logic because all there is an equation for everything possible, feasible, plausible, probable and even the completely impossible that exists simply down to the way that humans have evolved and hence conduct their business.

Which of course brings us to sin itself, something that will never go away and at the moment here on Monday is predominant due to the nature of a promiscuous world being turned by U alone simply because he wishes everything. Although the world at this point is not necessarily in absolute sin, you could call it squeaky-clean as it is known amongst the unsavoury types in the universe.

Even with a faintest strain of sin in the world with the fairest exception of those who exist in the tip of the cone that shapes the universe there will be turmoil and war. Why? Because of the nature of sin, the desire for war, looting and everything that encompasses evil. U himself will be in a tower that will make Barad-Dur look like a back garden shed - maybe reaching to the top of the cone itself. It will still fall though.

The mortals become concerned about what mortality means - death in other words. What happens after they die when at this point it is not known yet. The real answer to this question is one does go to heaven while reproduction as it is unnecessary though neither is sex. All this confusion about what is and what should be. Based on ancient myth or legend no one understands the nature - or absence - of the orgasm although it is fully documented in their hearts.

No, all of that is yet to come, but not for a very long time. But the time when it happens will not disappoint anyone. No mortality becomes the obsession amongst the lower half of the cone gradually spreading upwards to the tip. It is understood almost straight away that the universe - cone - itself has a fixed and finite lifetime that is not complete. Meaning their will be a time in the timeline where no-one will exist, or rather will simply be dead, decomposing, rotting and pass to the soil and of course the sea.

So on Saturday "The Apocalypse" when all of this is relived, many attempts will be made to live longer by exploding their longevity and orgasms. Nothing but sin and sex as well as getting pissed, reducing their understanding of what is smallest and how long they live, humans have already reduced their time so that they cannot quiet fit within to the close of Saturday and the end of our story.

The burial begins, as maggots you gnaw away on the flesh the rot of that apple core and is digested. There is nothing left to milk because once you start milking you cannot go back. The milk runs dry no thoughts to recollect no dreams that come alive. No life or memories, senses, wonder and of course sin.

Of course you would be wondering 'how did all of this begin?' or 'where was the beginning?' The same question can be asked to the simple rhyme 'incy wincy spider' which is known to many as the 'long and winding road'. These two analogies are closed loops and have no beginning - or end.

In the case of this story there is a beginning that consisted of seven ages of which the logic worked against itself. It began with fascination and curiosity. At the centre of the universe stood an individual. Perfect, bright and beautiful. It was neither a he nor she as was no one else. Nevertheless the attention everything else wanted to be like this individual, not so much the likeness but it's ability to do practically everything they couldn't do.

A very long time follows as everything in the universe extracts their own copy of the one so that they would know how to walk, jump, talk and hump. By the time of the second age they started noticing each other and a horror dawned on them. Even though they felt that they walk it was obvious they could not.

The third age was spent rolling around, up and down along the ground in an orientation exercise. When finally the story is 'set in stone', signed by those who dwell in the palace of heaven it will repeat indefinitely.

Chapter Five, Friday: The Erasure

After all the weeks sin, debauchery and bad, bad, nature the close of the week has to be corrected in order for the final part of the story to be realised - The Apocalypse and Armageddon. In order for this to happen, all knowledge of the week up till now has to be erased. Ultimately ending with the seven words that started it all in their opposite order, magic, sex, stone, fire, war, power and of course evil which I have been informed will not let itself go.

If evil has a problem letting go then serious problems could arise, but then that is the nature of the Beast. Apart from deleting every word and meaning Friday has another purpose and that is to announce the winning band. The band that wins what could be described as the Holy Grail will depict the entire Apocalypse that takes place on Saturday. This band has already won the prize decided by a computer on Tuesday.

Of course there is the computer that is designed and rolled out across Oceania with network and switched on. It's purpose has already been decided and every pre-cursing event in place. This is 1984, Big Brother is on the other side of the world in total leisure with his own vast beaches, swimming pools and team of advisors who are there to give him good feelings and blessings and will his good wills for the whole planet.

Silly things to say really, but he is a very silly man but yet there ain't any better place to put him without him becoming resentful, angry and manipulative. Nevertheless he has an important job on Saturday and that is God. What you have to know is he has by far the lion's share of the best in his existence but at a cost - sheer hell, which begins on the thirteenth midnight bell of Saturday. Something I don't think anyone will want. Still he becomes a brilliant deterrent.

What problems you say? What consequences if Evil could not let go, could we all live in peace, does everyone want this. It seems to me there are many who want Evil and not peace when I would disagree. Being at one with myself is where I am, why would I wish to accommodate evil just because evil wants to do things to me without my wishes and I do not speak alone. There are several ME's. If you want me to explain what this means I say there is no point, you would not understand.

We know what has to happen. We need to find each other so that we can discuss matters and maybe decide on what has to be done. We might find a pleasant surprise waiting for us like the knowledge of each other and ourselves. After all the purpose of Friday is to forget who we all are and as the thought police we make sure that the whole world-wide lexicon is deleted from the mind of the world.

Of course the waiting list for room 101 will be getting shorter and those at the back will see when it is their turn in the queue. BB will be at the back and being the coward that he is will take the easy exit out which will herald the close of 1984. Me room 101 are you joking, I wrote this story, I'm not scared of room 101 and it is not just me who I speak on behalf of my self.

Room 101, my greatest fears realised, I have no fears and neither do the others of myself. If any of you try anything then woe-betide. And I mean it, nobody plays with me, in anyway no matter how. That is it no more to say, Nothing, zilch, zero, slumpch, zagarond, milk all gone, no milk in the first place, last plan A failed and so on. You all do not have a hope in hell.



Who I am

My name is Andrue. I was born into a world desperately trying to spin out of control when I was simply saying who is stopping you. Bluffing.

I was wheeled to a local hospital in Canada at the age of three months. My mother told the doctor that I had a knot in my belly which was a lie and no doubt was claiming that I was Hitler.

Nevertheless the good doctors had the perfect opportunity to make life uncomfortable for me. Four years later I was on my feet.

I stood on the top landing and noticed that my mothers car keys were in the door. I walked down the stairs took the keys went outside and got into the car. I started it up and drove it into the wall. Just a little reminder to her that I was in better health.

Not a few months later, my mother and father split up. She brought me and my brother back to England. As far as my father is concerned the only memories of him never existed if you understand.

In other words I never knew him and now he has passed away. So has my mother. As far as missing anyone that never happens - if you believe in telepathy you will know.

Where I am

I am in Swansea Wales as well as the Solar system if you are unaware of it's existence. And I mean unaware because we feel the presence of the seven worlds all the time.

What I do

My main love is programming and now programming integrated electronic devices thanks to the Arduino project I like developing software for astronomy, music, DMX lights and all sorts of things.

I have 35 years of programming experience and what I have come to learn is that it is the experience that matters not just what I know. Computers unlike every other walk of life maybe with some exeptions work in the same way.

The fact that they operate in binary illustrates a natural form of trial by ellimination logic. Also, unlike different spoken languages in the world, all computers share common attributes.

The most basic components that are the blood of the core are gates and they all work the same way. All computer programming languages work in ways that make learning new languages straight forward because like gates they follow a simple decision making structure called boolean.

This is why computers are so much fun, they make writing programs easy and you never write the same program again. If you need to reorganise it you have the option of modules or libraries that become your pool of functions that can be invoked by your program. The main point being you never need to reinvent the wheel.

Like me at the beginning in 1984 I searched in my mind for something to start to at least give me something to do. What I did resulted in a job but to get there I had two jobs. My day job was in a factory and when I got home I worked on my computer.

Stan kept asking me to work late, Saturdays and Sundays. Yes I got more money but I wanted time. I still stuck with it though. Nevertheless the point I am making is you need to think of ideas for programs. Don't think of making money, in fact do what a lot of people do, make it OpenSource and give it away. It is the experience you are after at the end of the day.

How to contact me

muscipula666 at googlemail.com

07970 410777
07932 635468

I also am the web-master of two other websites...

The west wales astronomy website

My DMX control software bit of fun website

My DOS software

PcWord was primarily designed by me for my own use as a programmers text editor. It doesn't have any kind of elaborite scripting language but a simple macro system so that text can be processed more convieniantly.

As far as writing source code, the hypertext function is very useful. Rather than searching your code for variable names etc., your code can be linked just like HTML. PcWord is teeming with features and what is more, it was probably the first word processor of it's pedigree that was made freeware.

PcKey, a simple - but effective - typing tutor. The tutorials are made up of scripts, much like DOS batch files, that 'instruct' PcKey. Such as writing messages, positioning the virtual keyboard, highlighting keys on the virtual keyboard, and doing tests. This means you can add to, or customise the standard lessons. A full tutorial is supplied. There is also a simple editor that allows you to do freehand typing, with the virtual keyboard displayed highlited.

Chart, a multilevel flowchart authoring program. The idea is you organise your flowcharts like a tree. You can have a simple chart at the top level that describes the chart at it's basic level - enough to describe the charts function. Each box in the top level can then be broken down with it's own sub-chart and so on. When a sub-chart exits, it will naturally follow the path of it's parent box. Even though this program - under 13KB - works with less than 512KB of RAM it can cram in about 9000 boxes in a single chart with ample space for each box text description.

The funny thing about these three programs were that they had managed to make their way onto the internet before I did. I was very proud of Chart to end up in a list of 100 best programs for research and development, PcKey in a list of typing tutors and RSort in a list of sorting programs. Well done guys.

Oh, it is worth mentioning something ahout the first release of PcWord. The fact that it was released in the same month as Windows 3.0 wasnt a concern for me, it was a good few years before I started to use Windows - at least three.

No version one of PcWord was more of a prank to all of you. I by default disabled fast writing to the raster memory and forced screen output to go via the BIOS. I often joke about how I was woken and startled in my sleep to the screams of laughter as the world watched how slow PcWord was.

Of course in the status menu someone might have pressed 'L', if so no doubt some others would have leading to a major pandemic as the world witnessed the terribly slow piece of machine code become the fastest, most efficient word processor in the world and with live formatting.

Maybe it was because of this reason the computer press ignored every single disk I posted to without even a reply. Jealous and arrogant is what I have to say. Dont worry though the best is yet to come.

You can download my software by clicking here.

I need a cleaner

I have a house here that needs cleaning. I would be willing to do anything in return on a regular basis for cleaning. Preferably females. My contact details are above.


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